About Us India–Paraguay Bilateral Relations

Important visits fromParaguay to India
2002Mr. Jose Antonio Moreno Ruffinelli, Foreign Minister
2004Mrs. Leila Rachid, Foreign Minister
2005Mrs. Leila Rachid, Foreign Minister
2010Parliamentary Delegation
2012Mr. Fernando Lugo Mendez,President5.Important visits fromIndia to Paraguay
2002Shri Digvijay Singh, MOS, MEA
2003Shri Satyabrata Mookherjee, MOS, Ministry of Commerce &Industry
2012Smt Meira Kumar, Speaker, Lok Sabha

Bilateral Agreements
Agreement between India and Paraguay on Exemption of Visa for holdersof Diplomatic andOfficial passports–1996.

India gives 3 ITEC scholarships to Paraguayan candidates every year.This can be increased.Paraguayan diplomats attend the courses of ForeignService Institute of India from time to time.

Organic chemicals, vehicles, auto parts, cosmetics, machinery, pharma, plastics, sound and image devices, aluminium, rubber products etc
India´s imports from Paraguay
10. Soya oil (94% of imports) sunflower oil, leather and wood. Indian imports of soya and sunflower oil are expected to increase in the coming years, given the growing shortage of edible oil in India. Other imports: resins for cosmetics, ferroalloys, leather, vegetal coal.

Investment & Business delegations
The Embassy organized a business seminar in Asuncion on 8 March 2010 during the visit of an EEPC delegation. The Paraguayan Minister of Industries, Mr. Don Francisco Rivas was the keynote speaker. The seminar contributed to the Paraguayan understanding of the Indian market and opportunities for business between the two countries.

An eight member CII delegation visited Paraguay during 23-26 September 2012 to explore opportunities for Indian business and investment in Paraguay. The delegation met Paraguayan Minister for Agriculture Mr.Enzo Cardozo, Minister for Tourism Ms. Liz Cnamer, Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Manuel Maria Caceres and Minister for Industry and Commerce Mr. Francisco Rivas in Asuncion.

The Embassy organized a Festivals of India in 2009 and 2010 in Asuncion and Ciudad de L´este. The Paraguayan Tourism Minister was the Chief Guest at the Festival.

Indian community
About 100 Indians live in Ciudad del Este, a city on the border with Brazil. These Indians are in trading, wholesale and retail business. Most of them are of Gujarati and Sindhi origin.